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Introducing a new way to level the playing field.

Wolfgang Ward reveals how small business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs and other can rank organically across search results, mobile apps, directories and beyond.

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Who Knew 1 SpreadCheat Could do All That?!

Businesses amazed at the level of exposure received.

We're all taught to believe that "content is king" in terms of being at the top of page results.  Simple technique stuns SEO marketers as they scramble to get the SpreadCheat.

Are you Upset?  SpreadCheat Causes Outrage.

Advertisers enraged at not knowing this information.

Businesses learn that they've been spending their money on Adwords when they could have been getting free, organic traffic - many take to the streets demanding answers.

Diane Gahagen

Alexis Walters

John Rizzo

"It's about time!"

"SpreadCheat Dominates SEO"

"Eye-opening on All Levels!"

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- Rating: 5 Stars

- Rating: 5 Stars

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Get your file today and don't look back!

Over 40% of Business Listings Data Incorrect

Inconsistencies across networks hurt businesses.

SpreadCheat is a tool that businesses, sales reps and marketers can use in order to update their online data to over 150 search engines, directories and mobile apps.

Search Engines Demand Accuracy

Big Business partners with Big Data for Verification.

The Internet is full of inaccuracies and irrelevant information.  Large information companies have partnered with data services in order to fulfill the demand of accurate data.

What is Enhanced Business Listings?

SpreadCheat adds more than just basic location data.

When opening up your SpreadCheat, you will see how to add unlimited keywords, target audience, industry tags, locations and more that will be index your business correctly.


Purchase the SpreadCheat today for only $47

This is a one-time payment via PayPal.  Upon a succesful checkout, you will be directed to a "Thank You" page where you will be able to download the SpreadCheat and read/watch instructions on what to do with your SpreadCheat.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Request a refund on SpreadCheat within 2 months.

Adwords Rises 40% Since 2012

SpreadCheat.com saves businesses thousands.

Businesses should be prepared to spend more with Ads.

AdWords and PPC Not Working?

Businesses turn to SpreadCheat.com for answers.

Learn how to give the Internet the accuracy it needs.

SpreadCheat.com Saves YOU Money!

Don't Waste your money on PPC or Adwords.

Spend less money by submitting spreadsheets to databases.

Give the Internet What it Wants.

SpreadCheat.com gives you the tools to be organic.

Rather have organic traffic rather than paid or PPC?


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